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1. Create a marketplace for custom-designed onesies: users can design their own onesie patterns and sell them on the site.

2. Develop a mobile app that allows users to take pictures of their onesies and share them with friends.

3. Create a virtual dressing room where users can try on different onesies and mix and match them with different accessories.

4. Offer personalized onesies with custom embroidery and other unique features.

5. Develop a subscription service that allows users to receive monthly boxes of onesies tailored to their style and preferences.

6. Create a “onesie of the month” feature that highlights new and popular onesie designs.

7. Launch a line of onesies with eco-friendly materials.

8. Create a “onesie swap” feature where users can trade their old onesies for new ones.

9. Create a blog that shares stories and tips about onesies.

10. Develop a “onesie matching” feature where users can find the perfect outfit for any occasion.

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